There’s a reason they tell you to put the mask on yourself first while you’re about to take off in a plane. The reason is that you have to be taken care of in order to help those around you. What happens when you spend week after week not sleeping well and keeping your wick burning on both ends? Aside from wearing all that extra makeup to cover the black bags, your feet are dragging and you want to crawl back in bed… but you can’t. The kids need dinner, mom needs her before and after dinner medications, her food prepared specially for dietary concerns, and the laundry needs to be done.

I heard a speaker once share the idea that you could schedule your you-time on the calendar before all the other important to-do’s… what happens when your revenue generating or must-do’s overtake your self-time? Yup, like many of us, you skip it, leaving your personal needs behind all the others.

Skip your self-love time no more! There is no shame in needing to reach out for help with caring for your dependent loved ones so you can have a break for you. Bigelow Family Home Care can be there for as short or as long as you wish, giving you enough time for a bubble-bath, spend the day with the kids at the beach or enjoy a whole getaway weekend.

You know you deserve it and your loved ones will be in great hands with us! Our providers are extensively cleared through the Department of Justice, the State of California, and drug tested. Bigelow Family Home Care caregivers check-in through an app on their phone when they arrive at your home, so we always know you’re cared for on time. When you are part of Bigelow Family Home Care, you are treated like a family member with access to on-call assistance 24/7.

The Bigelow Family has provided home care assistance for seniors and the disabled in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties since 2010. When you become a part of Bigelow Family Home Care, you are treated like a family member with access to on-call assistance 24/7.

If you have any questions about caregiving services, give us a call today at (800) 804-8845 to schedule a private, pressure-free consultation at no charge to you.


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